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Success starts with knowing your strengths and "leveling up" your character

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We can help you soar toward success and well-being.

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We desperately need more love and compassion in the world. On September 10, 2021 California committed to becoming the first official Compassionate State in the country. To honor this momentous occasion, we are releasing an e-book which is all about how to become a compassionate global citizen.


The book is called Compassion Counts In California and Beyond. This book introduces readers to California's Six Compassion Pillars, which is a practical, hands on guide that  teaches the six key compassion virtues that are important for community well-being ( This e-book will teach students and families about what compassion looks like when we are practicing it at home, school, work, and in our communities across the globe.

Click on the book to preview the story.

Join psychologist Dr. Chavez Ketterman, AKA Dr. K. as she shares her presentation for the first CA Workability webinar. Using the Character Champions Framework for Empowerment of Self and others introduces you to 4 natural mindsets found in everyone. Find out why understanding your natural color mindset preferences and those of others empowers you to level up your potential for success.  

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See our other book offerings here.

Video of CC Kids Outsmarting The Extremes That Threaten Our Success And Well-Being

Please help us make a positive difference and a successful impact on our youth and our communities by taking the Character Champions Challenge to Spread Compassion to Self and Others Daily

Character Champions mission is to spread compassion not COVID-19 using the “Character Champions Wellness Framework”. 
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What People Are Saying About The

Character Character Champions Framework

Character Champions is a beautiful and colorful work of art with a powerful message to youth. Soaring with one’s own unique strengths while accepting differences in others is an important lesson for kids to learn early in life. It is a gift that will keep on giving for a lifetime.

---Carolyn Kalil Best Selling Author of Follow Your True Colors to the Work You Love.

This method of character analysis is a powerful tool for learning more about human nature for all ages. It is a must-read for youth and adults in a time when our world is facing its own “Attacks of the Extremes”.  I highly recommend the Character Champions Framework to all parents and educators as a graphic way to communicate goals and behavior standards using a common metaphorical language. This model is an invaluable tool to use while mentoring students in character education and for inspiring the love of reading. The lesson plans are aligned with language arts standards as well as other academic areas.

---Connie Spencer National Board Certified Teacher; District Teacher of the Year Walnut Valley USD; Two-time Walnut High School Teacher of the Year Language Arts Teacher

The Character Champions Framework is one of the most innovative and exciting that I have seen in the last thirty years.

---Retired Director of Pupil Services/Alternative Education Principal

When I first learned about the Character Champions Framework, I knew I wanted to make it a school-wide program, and I did! The results were incredible. Discipline improved, relationships became closer, and we had fun using the program. I am grateful to Dr. Ketterman for bringing Character Champions to my school. This is a great program for kids and adults who want to build character and become better citizens.

---Jeri Mullen Retired Elementary School Principal

The Character Champions Framework extends the True Colors’ system in the direction I continue to see as valuable and useful for all. I have known Dr. Ketterman for over thirty-five years, and she truly understands and shares my wellness vision and strong sense of social responsibility.  If you love True Colors, you will love Character Champions.

-Don Lowry  Creator of True Colors

It has taken over forty years to put together the ideas, experiences, and empirical findings contained in the Character Champions Framework.  It empowers those willing to learn with the knowledge of positive psychology, temperament strengths, and wellness interventions in an easy-to-use-and-remember language. The Character Champions® Framework and the CC tools have the power to transform the way we think, feel, and act in powerful, productive, and socially healthy ways.  It is rooted in the need to treat ourselves and others with compassion.

Our Community Vision

Compassion (verb)

To recognize the suffering of self and others with the willingness to take needed action to alleviate pain.   

We do this by showing courage, taking responsibility, seeking knowledge, and sharing kindness.                   

Learning to work, live, and play together using mutual respect and synergy we prosper united in a spirit of compassion.

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