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A Message from Dr. Ketterman (aka Dr. K.)

Let’s imagine our world as a united community of diverse
cultures where we solve problems and conflicts by using a common
language of respect, accountability, harmony, skill, and intelligence.
Science fiction? Hardly. As a matter of fact, teaching children, teens,
and adults to use words and actions in appropriate and meaningful
ways has been my life‘s work. Enabling positive communication,
Character Champions
®: Conquering the Extremes merges a common
wellness language into a code to effect positive, beneficial goals.
By working together as families, schools, communities and
nations with mutual respect and by sharing positive character
building principles, we can assist our youth and each other, growing
into strong Character Champions® leaders and role models. In order
for change to happen, we need the benefits of a common wellness/
success language and a character code.
Thanks to a team of devoted individuals, we are able to introduce
you to the Character Champions® (C.C.) Code through storytelling.
This story is for the young and the young at heart who dream of a
healthier world, safer schools, and more loving families, its true message is
that we all have the potential to think and live as Character Champions
who daily face our own “attacks of the Extremes”. By uniting, we
can “outsmart the Extremes” that challenge us.




Dr. Diana Chavez Ketterman

Message from Dr.k - Dr. K
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