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Don Lowry

                         Don Lowry, Creator of the True Colors Keys to Personal Success System


Character Champions: Conquering the Extremes.

A Winning Focus on Strengths That’s Easy to Learn and Fun to Use While Learning English.

Temperament characteristics have been studied, described, and classified by philosophers,
physicians, and scholars since as early as 350 BC. What is new and exciting is that this
valuable knowledge about self and others can be shared with the general public in fun,
entertaining ways that excite and enrich the lives of both adults and youth. When I invented
the True Colors™ methodology in 1978, I realized early on that everyone could
benefit from a fundamental understanding of temperament in his or her professional life
and personal relationships. A distinguishing quality of the programs I ’ve created is the
blending of education and entertainment into programs that combine audience interaction
with insightful materials that delight participants because they’re easy to understand, to apply
on a daily basis, and to retain over a lifetime. Today, the True Colors Keys to Personal
Success System is used globally in thousands of corporations, schools, and government


The millions of individuals who have experienced the True Colors™ process for
over a quarter century will be very excited to discover and read this book to enhance their
learning of self and others. If you love True Colors™, you’ll love this book!
Research has shown that many positive changes in life begin with an improved
self-understanding, higher levels of conf idence, and a deeper self-appreciation. These positive
changes are exponentially multiplied when we can apply our feelings of self-worth to include
a better understanding and appreciation of others. All of us possess natural temperament
strengths, which are intrinsic to our personality.

The Character Champions Foundation is recognized as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization: Federal Tax Id Number: 04-3682680

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