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History & Research

The purpose of the Character Champions Framework is to create a user-friendly model for understanding self and others that combines research-based methods with tools that are easy to use and remember. The goal is to provide the public with a collection of tools and skills to assist in the development of the self and better relationships, by discovering and valuing natural strengths found in individuals and then helping in the recognition and building of needed areas of character growth to achieve desired results. 


The last 50 years have led to breakthrough research in the area of personality and temperament. Based upon the works of Dr. Carl Jung, Dr. David Kiersey, Don Lowry (True Colors), the Big Five Personality Model (Paul Costa and Robert McCrae) and Professor Dong Xie from the University of Central Arkansas, we can talk about temperament and personality as having 4 to 5 major factors that can be used to discuss the major components on describing what is behind how we think, feel and act.


Of course, it is more complicated than that, but there is now enough useful scientific research and empirical evidence to know this Psychological Wealth® is worth making available to the general public. That is the aim of the Character Champions® Framework, i.e. to bring together the latest and greatest in education, psychology, biology, neurology, science, leadership, business, sociology and health/wellness. Character Champions® presents that combined knowledge in a synergistic way that makes sense and can be easily applied so it benefits our individual lives, relationships,  families, organizations, and communities using a common communication/learning set of tools/skills. 

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