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Our 4 colors principles


It takes 4 to SOAR

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Let’s imagine our world as a united community of diverse cultures where we solve problems and conflicts by using a common language of respect, accountability, harmony, skill, and intelligence. It is possible by working together as families, schools, communities and nations with mutual respect and by sharing positive character building principles, we can assist our youth and each other, growing into strong Character Champions leaders and role models.  

How does it work?
We use 4 success color principles to identify temperament behaviors and a combined element to teach unity (synergy). This highly improves well-being
and to enhance emotional, mental and social health success.

How do we do this?
In order for change to happen, we need the benefits of a common 
wellness, success language and a character code.
We are able to introduce you to the Character Champions
® (C.C.) Code through storytelling, while at the same time teaching language skills of the English language. 

International English Language Learning and Character Development

The Character Champions Foundation meets the needs of beginning to intermediate levels of English Language Development (ELD) students. Also, this will be useful for teaching English language learners in countries around the world who desire to increase their English skills while learning about character development.


The books below are available with donation. See books section of website under CCF Resources for information.

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