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There are no right or wrong answers. The goal is to discover your natural preferences so you can use this information to experience more success in all areas of your life. Remember people are born with natural talents that strongly influence how they naturally prefer to learn. 


Directions: Number Key ( 0-5 ) 

Choose the number closest to how you feel.


NUMBER KEY                                                                                                                                                                  

0=Never (0%)

1=Almost Never (20%)

2=Less Than Half of The Time(40%)

3=More Than Half of The Time(60%)

4=Almost All The Time(80%)

5=Always True (100%)

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By doing our survey, I agree to participate in this study.  If a minor, I have my parents consent. I understand that my participation is totally voluntary.

I have the right to choose not to participate and the right to withdraw from the study at any time without negative consequences. I also understand that my responses will be kept completely confidential and anonymous. No one will have access to my responses other than researchers of this study. 

© 2015 by The Character Champions Foundation.  All Rights Reserved.

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